Content Marketing is a Team Sport

Simply stated, content marketing success is a function of creating relevant, quality content that is distributed and amplified by employees, customers and network.

The missing ingredient is the ability to influence results through social placement, sharing and engagement. This is largely the result of individuals lacking social media skills training and an understanding of how social participation benefits them.

Individual Social Media Feedback

I do not understand how social media benefits me.

I do not know how to set up my social media profiles.

I do not know how to participate in social.

I do not know how to support my company on social media.

I do not have any ideas for a blog.

I am not a good writer.

I do not know the right social media channels in which to participate.

The Science of Social

Before asking employees to participate and advocate for the brand, companies need to invest in the employees, without a goal of reciprocity. Training in the skills needed to be successful with social media is the responsibility of the brand. Creating a habit, consistent process and evolving this core career asset is the responsibility of the individual.


“You are what you share.”  ― Charles LeadbeaterWe Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

Take Aways

Bring your executives, employees, partners and even customers with you on the social business journey. Once your pilot program and training are formalized, send the elevator back down for the rest of the team.

Focus on creating relevant, valued content to build audience, reputation, authority and influence. Content quality and quantity are not two sides of the same coin.

Experimenting often, measuring results, listening with your eyes and being accountable to feedback are the cornerstones of social business success.