Your High School Needs a LinkedIn Alumni Network

Last October, LinkedIn made a change to the way that many secondary schools are classified on the platform.

In the past, high schools were treated as companies which meant that only employees were able to associate themselves with the organization on LinkedIn. With the update however, the classification of many secondary schools was changed to become an educational institution. This means that an alumni section was created on the school page, and current and former students can associate themselves with it as well.

This creation of alumni listings benefits both individual LinkedIn users and secondary schools themselves.

LinkedIn users now have another opportunity to easily find and connect with people with whom they share similar backgrounds and experiences. This is especially important for those who entered or will enter the workforce straight from high school, as this may be their primary network.

The ability for secondary schools to track their graduates and see what colleges they attended, what job/industry they are in, or which branch of service they entered, creates a goldmine of information for the institution for state reporting purposes. The establishment of the alumni feature will also influence increased brand awareness, community building, and sourcing of potential internships, apprenticeships, and future employment for current students.

Not every school has been transitioned from a company listing to a school listing, however.

To ensure that your school is set up correctly and tap into the benefits of having an alumni network, follow the below steps:

Create a LinkedIn Page. If your school is not currently on LinkedIn at all, a company page will need to be created.

Edit Your LinkedIn Page. This link explains how to edit details ranging from the cover image to office locations and Featured Groups.

What if your school is already on LinkedIn, but it is set up as an "Education Management" Institution?

Ask LinkedIn to Add the Alumni Feature. This link takes you to the form to complete to change the institution from a company to an educational institution.