The Socially Savvy Student

As a socially savvy student, being your own best brand steward is your individual responsibility.

Your online footprint becomes a permanent record of you as an individual. Ensuring your digital behavior is consistent with the image you wish to project, the values you hold and the reputation you seek to build is of paramount importance. 


74% of (teenagers and young adults) currently use Facebook, followed by Instagram use with a 59% share and Snapchat with a 57% share. Yet when teens, whose average age was 16.3, rated their "most important” social network, Instagram and Twitter were given more important ratings than Facebook.

66% of users aged 13 to 24 used social photo sharing app Instagram.

Contrary to some beliefs, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media and networking site used by teenagers and young adults, aged 12 to 24 years old in 2015.

93% of teens ages 15-17 have mobile access to the internet through a phone, tablet or other device.

In North America, young adults and teenagers aged 16-24 spend the most time online via mobile, more than any other age group, spending nearly 200 minutes per day on a mobile device.

Teen and Millennial age groups now spend almost as much time on mobile devices as they do on a PC/laptop/tablet.

Among high school graduates, when on their mobile devices, the most popular social networks and apps include text messaging, followed by Instagram, then Facebook and Snapchat. 

Source: "Reach of leading social media and networking sites used by teenagers and young adults in the United States as of February 2016." Statista

Source: Digital Transformation World

Take Aways

Invest in yourself and your career readiness by learning the 'science of social.' Spend the time needed to become proficient in social media and networking skills that improve your career readiness and professional communication. This translates to activating and optimizing your complete social identity, growing and deepening your network with the right audience, becoming an original content creator and making communication on social media part of your normal routine.

Use sound judgement in all  communication and interactions both on and offline. Allow your goals, values and beliefs to inform your online and social media actions and guide your digital behavior.

Online communications with the decorum and composure you hope to project is the key to online personal brand building.Your credibility, authority, reputation, and influence can be greatly enhanced through the effective use of social media. Comport in a way your wish to be perceived to differentiate yourself as an individual.