The Socially Savvy Superintendent of Schools

Socially Savvy superintendents can help shape the perception and communication surrounding their school district. Whether focused on internal audiences like teachers, staff, and students or external audiences such as parents, community, and partners, the social superintendent is the most effective communicator of the school district's narrative.

Additional benefits derived by having a Socially Savvy superintendent include staff that feels more informed, a stronger relationship with the news media, a perception that the superintendent is approachable and accessible, and an openness and sense of transparency that has a positive impact on morale and eventually, education results.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs

Take Aways

Social superintendents are perceived as innovative and have a positive impact on their school district's information sharing and reputation.

Social superintendents put a face on and create a voice for the school district.

Superintendents with trepidation about social media should start their journey with a focus on internal communications and then find their external voice.