The Socially Savvy Public Administrator

The socially savvy public administrator is the most effective voice in shaping the perception surrounding their organization. Whether focused on internal audiences like executives and employees or external audiences such as customers, partners, shareholders and the general public, the social public administrator is the most effective communicator of the organizational narrative.

Additional benefits derived by having a social public administrator include a stronger relationship with the news media, employees who feel more informed, a perception that the senior stakeholder is approachable and accessible, and a sense of transparency that has a positive impact on morale and eventually organizational results.

"No leader can afford to lead as they did in the Industrial Age. This is a new era with new rules. All around us, the entire world is flattening, democratizing, and socializing. It’s quite possible that as the social age matures, there will be only two types of business leaders: social … and retired." (The 7 Attributes of CEOs Who Get Social Media, HBR)

The data supporting the value derived from organizational leadership by a social public administrator is overwhelming, yet data indicates slow adoption by senior executives. 


  • ŸŸSocial public administrators are perceived as innovative and have a positive impact on their organization's information sharing and reputation.

  • Social public administrators put a face on and create a voice for an organization.

  • Social public administrators with trepidation about social should start with internal communications, but quickly find their external voice.