Social Business Daily Checklist

As Socially Savvy grows and we talk to firms who are beginning their social business journey, we often get asked, “How do I get started? What are the basics that I need to cover?” Here are our recommendations for the daily minimums:

1. Sign in to all social media accounts.

2. Respond to messages, comments, replies and notifications across all accounts, whether they are positive or negative. This includes:

  • LinkedIn messages/InMails, comments on updates you’ve shared and/or posts you’ve made in groups, and any new connection requests;

  • Facebook messages, posts to your Facebook wall, status or picture tags, and thank any new followers;

  • Twitter direct messages, @ replies and mentions, retweets, and follow any new followers.

3. Post new content.

  • This could be original information such as your own blog, but sharing valuable content from thought leaders in your industry is also good - this could take the form of articles, infographics, links, photos, and/or videos.

4. Connect with a minimum number of new followers and/or people within your industry.

  • Responding to new connection requests and followers you have received is not enough – you must also reach out to new contacts.

5. Monitor social channels for relevant mentions of your brand, your competitors or important industry news – a few times per day, ideally.

  • You need to stay current to be able to respond to anything that is evolving quickly.

  • Analytics are key. Secure and leverage a listening and monitoring platform.

  • Pay particular attention to company employees' individual posts, tweets and comments in an effort to support them as they aspire to build their individual brands.

6. Brainstorm future posts.

  • Take the time to make a note of topics that catch your eye throughout the day. You will then have a plethora of information to share over time.

What are your daily social “must dos?” I’d like to hear from you!