Collaboration Leads to Social Business Success

Pairing employees and facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration in social media learning will assist to accelerate successful employee activation. This is especially true when trying to foster a communicative learning environment that encourages sharing of successes and challenges along the social maturity path.

Some benefits of peer-to-peer social collaboration are:

  1. Friendly competition

  2. Benchmarking at a localized level

  3. Amplification of the team's efforts

  4. Ground up adoption - the 'groundswell effect'

  5. Open communication and transparency

  6. Sharing of stories and learning from a combination of the strengths of team

Take Aways

  • Set clear goals for social activation that are grounded in metrics and shared across teams.

  • Sales personnel are communicative and will evangelize the merits across the organization. Make sales the social activation beta group.

  • Combine formal, instructor-led training with a self-study library, peer mentoring and tools to expand your social business program.