EQengineered: A Social Business Case Study

Being a design and development consulting firm, people are EQengineered's product. Helping tell their stories through experiences solving challenging customer problems represents authenticity in the messaging and brand narrative. People buy from people, and EQengineered's employees are the best brand ambassadors.

Developing a track record of quality delivery, attracting, servicing and retaining clients and personnel and being credible and known for a niche in the market are paramount to EQengineered's success.

"Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content." Robert Simon

EQengineered leverages social media and digital communications to achieve its business objectives in today's connected economy. Delivering thought leadership, effective employee and customer communications and impactful branding activities enable the business.

The Social Moment: The moment when an organization realizes that social business is mainstream and integral to its future success.

Having experienced its 'Social Moment' and embracing the social business journey, EQengineered was been able to outfit its team with the ability to:

  • activate and optimize their social identity,
  • grow and deepen their networks,
  • become original content creators,
  • develop online audience, reputation, authority and influence, and
  • make it part of daily business behavior.

Discovering social business value in employee relationships requires an investment in the skills, knowledge and understanding of the employees. The investment must also be transparent and personal with no expectation of reciprocity.

By training in the core social media skills and business communications needed to compete and be effective, EQengineered has seen benefits including improved employee engagement and employee advocacy on behalf of the brand.


Relevant Statistics

  • Brand messages are re-shared 24x more frequently when distributed by employees vs brand. (MSLGroup)
  • 77% of buyers are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media. (MSLGroup)
  • Only 33% of buyers trust the brand whilst 90% of customers trust product or service recommendations from people they know. (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey)

EQengineered has had its Social Moment; and the reach, engagement and influence of its employees is crucial to the future success of the organization.

"Socially Savvy provided our team with the knowledge and skills to compete and excel in the technology sector. The value derived from the social communication capability helps us differentiate our messaging by reaching our customers in the context of their business day." 
 - Julian Flaks, CTO at EQengineered