Social Selling & Personal Brand Building Program

The world of B2B sales has changed forever. Sales and marketing professionals are in the midst of a digital transformation and social media is at its core. 

The Problem: Traditional lead generation methods yield very little and sales professional are struggling to fill their pipelines.

  • Cold calling is completely unproductive

  • Emails are not opened

  • Voicemails are not returned

The Root Cause: Customers are doing initial research online.

  • Customers can find all the information they need and never speak to a sales rep

  • Sales reps are contacted only when the short list is complete

  • Customers turn to trusted network and digital influencers for advice and recommendations

The Solution: Social Selling

  • Establish a digital, professional brand

  • Build online relationships

  • Engage with insights to build reputation and authority

  • Earn trusted relationships and influence

Socially Savvy's Social Selling and Personal Brand Building Program includes a:

  1. Professional development in-person and/or online workshop(s)

  2. Workbook

  3. Online video course

Workshop Agenda (Sample)

8:30-8:40am Introductions (name, responsibilities, and goals)

8:40-8:45am Introduce Social Business & Personal Brand Building: The Social Moment

8:45-9:15am Train on LinkedIn Optimization Scorecard / LinkedIn Insights

9:15-9:45am Train on Twitter Optimization Scorecard / Twitter Insights

9:45-10:00am Break

10:00-10:20am Present Best Practices for Growing & Deepening Your Social Network

10:20-10:40am Become an Original Content Creator

10:40-11:00am Develop Audience, Authority, Reputation & Influence

11:00-11:20pm Educate on Daily Social Business To Do List (Personal Process Re-Engineering)

11:20-11:30pm Summarize Workshop (what we learned, discovered and next steps)

11:30-UTC Closing Thoughts – Take aways and open questions

Below is a link to featured corporate client case studies describing Socially Savvy's program.

If interested in conducting a demo of the social business and personal brand building program, please contact Mark Hewitt at either or by phone at 617.448.4255.