Why Are We Nerds Lagging Behind?

It perplexes me that we nerds are lagging behind with social business. Is this a function of hubris, generational lethargy or simply the fact that we are getting older and the Millennials will compel the shift to social business behaviors by organizations?

I believe the social business change will accelerate more quickly than seen to date, meaning that in 2015 firms that are truly leaders will begin or reset their social business strategy in ernest. Focus will be applied to brand awareness and employee activation as step one. Progressive firms who embraced the needed leadership and social business program in 2014 will begin to undertake cross-departmental activities and extend the focus past activation and awareness to demand generation.

Technologists and the new marketing technologist appellation are embracing change faster than ever before. My belief it that it is imperative that today’s leaders consider social business as mainstream and make their own identity a priority to both grow their personal network and, by proxy, amplify their corporate identity.

What are your thoughts?