Video: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Publishing original video content felt uncomfortable. The sentiment was very similar to the feeling I had when posting my first blog. 

My Video Procrastination Rationale

  • I have a face for radio.

  • It is still early in the video revolution.

  • I felt more exposed with video than writing content.

Lessons Learned

  • Video engagement metrics proved to be more compelling than text and images only.

  • Creating recorded and live video was easier than anticipated.

  • Being authentic and transparent was effortless in my own voice. Having broken the barrier, I plan to do it again soon and share across social channels.

Without further adieu, below please find my inaugural videos where I introduce Socially Savvy’s social business and personal brand building program (approximately 1 min in length) and share our company's passion story and work with academic institutions (1 min 25 seconds in length).