The Socially Savvy Business Leader

Great leadership is rooted in the ability to influence a desired behavior in others, not compel it. The notion of opting into an outcome rather than being told to act requires an innate concern in a leader for those whom they are guiding in the achievement of success.

The social business leader, like any harbinger along a new path, must possess a somewhat novel set of principles or characteristics. Below are some of the noteworthy traits that must be present:

  • Authenticity and transparency in purpose

  • Selflessness and a disposition focused on adding value to others

  • Approachable and human - collaborative working style and makes and admits mistake

  • Passion to learn and effect the needed organizational change

  • Gravitas to evangelize the social business cause

  • Leadership by example - deeds backed by words through actions

  • Inspirational and influential -brings others with her or him along the path

  • Discipline to create metrics and systems of measurement

  • Flexibility to pivot and change course as social business evolves (agile)

  • Candid, clear communication skills

  • Comfortable in a fluid, evolving, disruptive environment

  • Accountable

  • Engaged

  • Competitive and progressive

The social business leader must represent the growth opportunity inherent in social media with a positive outlook and trusting manner while simultaneously helping employees and the organization embrace new ways of operating and accomplishing goals and tasks.

I would enjoy hearing from you - please share characteristics that you feel are critical in a social business leader to ensure the success of the social business program.