Survey Results: 2016/17 Social Media and Marketing Events

Socially Savvy surveyed leading social media and marketing leaders to ask,

Which social media and/or marketing events did you or your team attend or consider attending in 2016?
Are you considering attending the same events or other events in 2017?

Two early insights were that many people attended online events in the social media space and local versus national events were the priority for both social media and marketing leaders and teams. Below are a number of representative responses.

Social Media Events

  • "I do plan on attending SXSW as I for the past seven years. It is a great opportunity to keep on target with the emerging trends in social - and some very candid conversations with other companies and vendors alike."
  • "I attended SXSW interactive, CASE District 1, and EduWEB. Again, I am looking forward to attending all of these conferences in 2017 and maybe even AMA in San Francisco next summer."
  • "We are members of and usually attend their meetings in NYC every spring."
  • "Our primary focus has been in attending calls / events with We also looked at national events relating primarily to vendors that we work with as well as SXSW for discovery."
  • "I've attended a few events, mostly ones that I spoke at, but do not have time to attend many throughout the year."
  • "The social team attended SXSW and Toronto social media week."
  • "I didn't attend much this year. I usually try to go to Social Media Week, Inbound by HubSpot and some smaller networking events. I've definitely done a few online events if I wasn't able to physically be there."
  • "We've gone to Social Media Marketing World a couple of times, but aren't planning on going back this year. For 2017, we will be going to major HR trade shows (HR Tech and SHRM) and our own conference WorkHuman."
  • "We've slimmed down our conference participation over the years based on the value we get from events. We try to go to the SIFMA Social Media event (NYC or SF) every year, LinkedIn FinanceConnect, and our partner Hearsay Social's annual innovation summit. If in town "freebies" come along from organizations like Gramercy Institute or the FCS, we'll go to those if our schedules permit. If it's a larger, more expensive event, we'll try to participate as speakers so the registration fee is waved. All that being said, conference participation is something on the chopping block for us in 2017, so our participation will be very limited."
  • I've been to Content Marketing World in Cleveland twice before, but unfortunately had to skip it this year. It's an excellent event, partly because it's like an offline version of the online #cmworld chat Content Marketing Institute hosts every Tuesday at 12 EST. I enjoy the mix of learning, networking, pep rally, and fun, but mostly, I love hanging out with so many of my industry peers IRL. I'd recommend CMWorld to anyone in the social or content space, and I hope to be back there in 2017. Regardless, I'll continue to be a participant of the weekly online event."


Marketing Events

  • "I attended a CMO event run by GDS that I found valuable and Digital Ascendant (bespoke and curated digital event) which was great."
  • "My team regularly attends the BMA conference in Chicago and has found that to be very helpful. My team also attends tech specific events for Marketo and other user-group types of meetings. We also supplement learning with online webinars and always try to share individual learnings with the full team."
  • "I attended SXSW, the Marketo conference and several in the DC area."
  • "We have not attended any marketing events this year, but will be looking at this in greater detail for 2017."
  • "Sadly our budgets in 2016 didn't allow for too much (or any) of this type of investment. Pretty sure 2017 will be the same situation."
  • "I regularly attend American Marketing Association events / meetings. The Cincinnati AMA Chapter provides a local flavor, but still has a national touch. The 2016 IBM Amplify Conference in Tampa was also interesting."

Three Brief Take Aways

  1. SXSW is by far viewed as a worthwhile event that is well attended.
  2. Budgets across the board were limited in 2016 and personnel are getting creative with their professional development events by looking for webinars and online attendance.
  3. Local versus events requiring travel take priority.

Have you attended any other social media or marketing events that you would recommend? Please comment below.