Stop Wasting Money on Social Media

Stop wasting money on social media.

There. I said it.

I am the CEO of a social business consulting firm and I just told you to stop wasting your money on social media.

Now let me back track.

Social media has become pervasive in corporate America and should be an integral part of every organization's marketing/PR/advertising communication strategy. However, I think that most companies have been spending their budgets in the wrong way.

Many organizations have invested heavily in technology and/or in hiring specialized people to run their social business programs, yet they’ve overlooked their most valuable asset – their line of business employees.

At the enterprise level, companies literally have thousands of employees who can be their brand ambassadors. Yet, they haven’t invested in training them to have the judgment to speak on behalf of the company. They haven’t realized that as employees build their personal brand, they are also building the reputation of the company, for better or for worse.

I say, start in the trenches. Teach your people sound social judgment and then empower them to speak for your brand. Let them tweet, respond to Facebook comments and grow their networks on LinkedIn. Sure, some mistakes will be made, but in the end we are all learning together as we step forward into this new social business landscape. It’s better to have engaged and erred than never to have engaged at all!