Social Value in Employee Relationships

Organizations are having their Social Moment and realizing that the reach, engagement and influence of their employees is crucial to the future success of the organization, not simply the social business strategy.

Discovering social value in employee relationships requires an investment in the skills, knowledge and understanding of the employees. The investment must also be authentic, transparent and personal with no expectation of reciprocity.

Some common objections by employees are:

  • I do not have time given my other job responsibilities.

  • I lack ideas about what to write and share.

  • I am not a good writer and do not know where to find content.

Pillars of a successful social employee program include:

  • Developing and optimizing the employee's social identity

  • Inspiring a social content interest and discipline

  • Managing the social activity and level of effort, and

  • Developing their social judgement.


  • Social media continues to grow rapidly around the world...with active user accounts now equating to roughly 29% of the world’s population. (wearesocial)

  • 55% of B2B marketers have seen sales increase as a direct result of content. (Social Media Today)

  • Millennials reported that user-generated content (UGC) is 20% more influential on their purchase decisions than other media. (SmartBlog)


  1. Employee social engagement assists to improve internal communications, retention and reduce recruiting costs over time.

  2. An employee's social content is likely to be perceived as more authentic.

  3. Giving employees an internal voice and showcasing the benefits for active social employees will drive broader engagement.