Social Media: Mid-year Trends & Predictions

As we approach mid-year, I thought to share what is trending in social media for business and document some predictions about what is likely to occur in the second half of the year.

H1 Trends

  • Businesses are finding their place in existing social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter and G+ for B2B firms and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for B2C organizations. YouTube is also gaining traction quickly for both B2B and B2C firms.

  • Mobile-social has come of age as users continue to increase time spent on mobile devices.

  • Marketing leadership has driven the creation of the social business strategy for the enterprise.

  • Social selling has been acknowledged as an effective path to realizing business ROI and value from social media.

H2 Predictions

  • New social networks will continue to surface and adoption around personalization or specialties will build audience and community (like Reel, Jet and WeChat in the US).

  • Point MVP social start ups will continue to be born and attract funding, but the majority will fall by the wayside or be purchased by larger platforms as features/services are aggregated in the 2016/2017 timeframe.

  • Video will become pervasive and live streaming will begin to find traction among early adopters.

  • Sales will lead the enterprise in social business activation and training of teams and success metrics will start to be realized.

Take Aways

  • Mobile-social will become a norm as consumerization drives social business adoption.

  • The pace of social business change will accelerate in H2 as executives embrace the reality that social media has value.

  • Firms will prioritize the development of their social business strategy and either find the funds and get started or budget for early 2016.

  • Social business investments in H22015 will increase and overall digital and social budgets for 2016 will rise.

  • Social media innovation will be spurred by internal employee demand rather than top down as consumerization expands in the enterprise.

  • Marketing and sales will lead the 2016 budgeting process for social business and share anecdotal success stories to justify investment.