Social Media in Sales: Five Legitimate Benefits

As social media usage in corporate America becomes mainstream, departments within organizations are seeing how it can benefit them specifically. Below are five advantages that the use of social provides to the sales department.

1. Social media speeds up the relationship building process.

People like to do business with people that they know. It’s a pretty simple concept. In years past, this meant that sales people had to spend long hours cultivating relationships with clients and prospects by making sales calls, attending in-person meetings and going to events. But now, social media has made it possible for salespeople to engage with their customers and prospects without ever leaving the office.

2. Social media allows salespeople to become more knowledgeable than ever before. 

By doing some basic social listening, salespeople can get a much clearer vision of their market. They can hear praise and complaints from their own customers and also gather intelligence on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

3. Social media can be used to easily build trust with current and potential customers. 

When salespeople use social media with transparency, they can become a trusted go to source for industry information. Social media not only gives salespeople a venue to share information about their own products but it also gives them a place to counter a competitor’s claim or share links to other types of relevant content.

4. Social media allows for deeper engagement with customers. 

By interacting on social, customers become more personally engaged with the brand itself, as well as the salesperson that represents it. Social can also help salespeople capture important data about customers, ranging from their opinions to their birthdays, which can lead to more personalized discussions.

5. Social media helps salespeople generate leads. 

When used properly, social is a great place for leads. Twitter followers and Facebook and LinkedIn page fans are the obvious starting places, but the big three social media networks are certainly not the only sources for real sales leads. Blogs, live chats and comment sections on websites are also great places to engage with prospects that are already engaging with your brand.