Social Employees: Their Brands Impact Your Corporate Identity

Individual employee brands are inextricably linked to the corporate identity. Organizations no longer have full control of their brand voice given the explosion of social media. LinkedIn profiles, Facebook identities and Twitter handles all contain personal information including current employer. Employees now speak for corporate brands in social channels every day when they tweet or like or share content.

Corporations must recognize that the development of their employees’ social identities and social judgment are vital to success. It is time for corporations to take the LEAP:

Listen to employees in social channels.

Educate employees on how to communicate across social channels.

Assess employee's social capabilities and Activate new social behaviors.

Participate (encourage and empower employees in social media).

Organizations that begin their social advocacy programs today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Social has become mainstream and all organizations will leverage it in the course of daily business. The opportunity for differentiation lies in effective social engagement with your internal and external customers.


  • Train your employees to be your best brand advocates.

  • Embrace social business as an essential part of your business.

  • Communicate and collaborate across the organization.