The Social Chief Marketing Officer

As spending on social media continues to increase, the social CMO must become the brand ambassador who is ready to meet the demands of the empowered customer. 

To accomplish that task, social CMOs should focus on educating executive stakeholders and employees on how to activate their individual social brands through a disciplined approach to building, nurturing and growing their social identities.

By investing time and resources into this process, the social CMO will then have an army of social marketers within their organization who can help build and enhance the brand and be advocates for the products and services that it offers.

"Social executives, and especially social CMOs, don’t just benefit themselves by learning more about today’s real-time, viral-friendly marketing climate, they benefit their employees by modeling best communication practices and showing a commitment to bringing organizational culture into the 21st century." (The Social Employee, McGraw-Hill)


  • 67% of marketers say increasing sales directly attributable to digital marketing campaigns is a top priority this year. (Forbes)
  • 72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. (NewsCred)
  • 71% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets this year by an average of 27%. (Econsultancy)
  • In the next five years, digital budgets will account for more than 76% of the marketing budget. (trap!t)


  1. Social business offers an opportunity to understand, engage and transform new audiences, particularly your next generation Millennial customer, who expects more.
  2. Develop an authentic and disciplined approach to content that is relevant to your audience(s) and encourages interaction with the brand. Plan to reuse and repurpose content from the onset.
  3. Be open and flexible about the tactics that encompass the social strategy and make informed decisions based on performance metrics, engagement metrics and data.