Recent LinkedIn Insights

I thought it would be valuable to share a few quick thoughts about recent experiences on LinkedIn. Below are three recent pluses and minuses that you may find useful.

LinkedIn Virtues

  1. The tab on contacts called Relationship allows me to add notes, set reminders, share how I met someone, and add tags. In effect, this creates a mini-CRM. I find this particularly useful at meetups and conferences to tie people and recent conversations together.

  2. The tab under Profile of Who's Viewed Your Profile provides a lot of data and information for me to benchmark against my network. With Premium, the ability to further look at how I rank against people at my company and professionals like me is a section that I regularly view.

  3. LinkedIn has done a solid job of listening to the needs of its customers and adding features and functionality on both the desktop and mobile experiences. The user experience provides me with the ability to publish updates easily from both the desktop and mobile contexts.

LinkedIn Challenges

  1. The Relationship features creating a mini-CRM do not have solid notifications yet. For example, receiving my reminders in the overnight updates email is out of context. I would find more value in having these alerts provided in context when I sign into LinkedIn similar to a Salesforce to dos list. I also think having the data in one location would allow me to do more personal planning and analytics.

  2. The Who's Viewed Your Profile sub-sections can be improved. Being able to select the types of people against whom I feel are professionals like me would be a valuable refinement. There could also be additional criteria incorporated into these types of personal analytics to provide customized reporting.

  3. The feature roadmap does not always provide parity of experience on the desktop and mobile experience. To be fair, in most cases, feature parity is achieved relatively quickly and those features that are not provided in both contexts are likely a result of decisions made about what activities or use cases the customer is performing on what device.

What has been effective and challenging for you on LinkedIn?