Optimizing Your Twitter Account

This is part two in my series of tangible, actionable social profile improvements everyone should make. Following the coverage of basic Twitter terminology in my last post, I would now like to present some best practices/ideas to optimize your Twitter account.

  • User Name/Twitter Handle: Your user name is arguably the most important part of your Twitter account, as this is how you will be known, so think it over thoroughly before choosing one. My user name is @RachelMezz - I decided to keep it simple and to the point.
  • Profile Picture: You need a customized profile picture and a professional looking headshot is best. This is someone’s first impression of you and a visual of your personal brand.
  • Header Photo: You should have a customized header photo. Ideally, if you also have a LinkedIn account and/or a Facebook page that you use, all three accounts should share the same visuals or at least have the same theme – this will unify your branding. 
  • Bio: Your bio is a one or two line description of who you are. My Twitter bio is the same as my LinkedIn headline. It’s always a good idea to use keywords in your bio to make you more easily found in searches. Depending on your industry, being humorous or giving some personal details is a good way to make yourself memorable.
  • Location: It's up to you as to how specific you want to be here. 
  • Website: Depending on what you are using Twitter for, this can be a link to your personal or company website, LinkedIn or Facebook page.
  • Theme Color: This can be customized to enhance your profile and header photos.

Best Practices

  • Tweet content that adds value: No one wants to read a stream that is constantly pushing to sell something. Ask yourself if you would want to be one of your followers.
  • Acknowledge tweets from your followers as quickly as possible: Twitter is a fast paced platform and your community will expect you to be responsive. Don’t just react when there is a negative situation/emergency. Make sure to respond when you receive a compliment and reach out proactively to thank people for following you as well.
  • Join Twitter chats that are relevant to your followers/interests: This is a great place to find people to connect with.
  • Use hashtags correctly: When you add the right hashtags to your tweets, you can expose your message to Twitter users who follow certain topics, but who may not be following you. Just make sure that you are adding value to the conversation and are not simply there to promote yourself.
  • Include pictures and videos in your tweets: Text and links are fine, but they are not attention grabbing. When pictures and videos are added to tweets, people are much more likely to take a look. If you don’t believe me, spend a few minutes scrolling through your feed and take note of what catches your eye!
  • Tweet often, but not too often: Strive for quality over quantity.

What are some of your favorite Twitter practices? Feel free to comment below. Or check out #Twitter Tips and see what I may have missed