Marketing & Social Media Leaders: Social Business Survey Results

Socially Savvy recently conducted research to gain more insight into which departments at leading organizations are leveraging social business.

The survey included roughly 70% enterprise organizations, 25% small to mid-sized firms, and 5% start ups. No specific market sector was surveyed, but rather a broad spectrum of industries were represented.

Below is one of the key questions posed by Socially Savvy in the research and the corresponding % of responses per answer:

Which of the following departments at your organization have received social business professional skills training?

  • Sales 20%

  • Inside Sales 14%

  • Marketing 11%

  • Human Resources 3%

  • Executive Team 3%

  • Technology/IT Team 0%

  • Hybrid of the above 3%

  • None 54%

"I am not even sure I could define what social business professional skills training is!" - Fortune 2000 executive

Take aways

  • Ensure that the execution of the social vision and strategy isn't a discreet event with a beginning and end. The social enterprise is the new normal and social business will eventually become part of your professional communications.

  • Be candid and open about the evolution of the organization along the social journey. Transparency and honesty are great motivators for employees to embrace new, innovative directions. Sharing experiences about the challenges and benefits will influence earlier adoption across the enterprise.

  • Employees will experience social business change differently. Evaluate and manage through the lens of how effectively employees are understanding and embracing the change.