Five LinkedIn & Twitter Tips

Below are the five most valuable and actionable tips I have recently learned to improve my individual social brand on LinkedIn and Twitter:

  1. If you use the long form post feature on LinkedIn, ensure that you add three tags at the bottom of any new post you write and also go back and tag any older posts you may have. Read about the benefits of adding tags here.

  2. Twitter Analytics ( is free and provides valuable metrics regarding your personal Tweeting activity and gives you insights into your followers as well.

  3. Once you hit 500+ connections on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to find out the exact number of connections you actually have. On the web version, click the Connections tab at the top of your Home page. Next click the gear icon at the top right of the Connections page. Your number of connections will show at the top of the page.

  4. You can choose a favorite Tweet to always be shown at the top of your profile page. It is called “pinning” a Tweet and it is very easy to do. Simply go to the Tweet that you want to pin. Click on the three dots below the text or image (the word “more” will pop up). Then click “pin to your profile page.”

  5. Keywords are incredibly important to include in your LinkedIn profile for search and discoverability purposes, but can sometimes be difficult to brainstorm. Reviewing the LinkedIn profile summaries of people with similar professional responsibilities is a great way to find keywords and LinkedIn has done the work for you. Simply click, “Profile/Who’s viewed your profile” at the top of your home screen. Then click “How you rank for profile views.” A tab called “Professionals like you” will then be displayed.

What are your favorite tips?