Feeling Angst About Publishing on LinkedIn?

Writing and publicizing personal perspective is easier for some folks than for others.

Much like a student sitting down to draft a paper, people often encounter writer's block. When asked to read their own work in front of others, people commonly feel stress and tension. Social media posts on LinkedIn bring back many of these familiar feelings. And in a number of recent conversations about creating original content, people have expressed that these uncomfortable feelings rear their ugly head yet again.

Things to Consider

  • If you are interested in growing your influence around a topic or area, you have to start somewhere. From a professional perspective, blogs and posts on LinkedIn provide you tremendous access to your audience and the chance to cultivate awareness, interest, engagement and loyalty in your domain.

  • Content publishing on LinkedIn is met with reinforcement and forgiveness. People's comments tend to be more supportive than critical, and even the insights that are juxtaposed of your perspective, broaden and open the discussion. This also allows you the opportunity to improve your own knowledge and interact with your audience.

  • Growth happens when you try new things. With most challenges, starting is half the battle. Do a little research, quote some leading pundits, and be true to your own voice and style.

Take Aways

Beginning the journey will allow you to develop, learn and refine your approach to original content creation. At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules. What I can share on a personal level is that the rewards of taking the leap are worth the effort and overcoming the initial feelings of risk.

Hope this provides some encouragement and motivation to jump in!