Employee Brands are the Corporate Identity

Most of today's employees have LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook profiles which link to their current employer. As such, the posts and comments that the employees make reflect directly back onto the corporate brand. Organizations must realize that they no longer have full control of their brand voice and should take a vested interest in the development of their employees’ social identities and social judgment.

It is time for corporations to take the LEAP:

Listen to employees in social channels.

Educate employees on digital communication best practices.

Assess employee's social capabilities and help to Activate new social behaviors.

Participate by encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to the corporate brand.

Organizations must begin their social business training and employee advocacy programs today. Social media usage in corporate America is mainstream and most organizations leverage it in the course of daily business. The opportunity for differentiation lies in effective social engagement with your internal and external customers.


Embrace social business as an essential part of your organization.

Train your employees in social business best practices.

Encourage your employees to use their knowledge and become brand advocates.