Big Idea: Personal Social Brand Activation for Transitioning Veterans

Leadership requires action. We recently heard about Project Daniel by Impossible Labs at MITX's Future M event and felt inspired to enact something small in hopes that it has impact.

The core outcome we are trying to achieve is to create parity or differentiation for the LinkedIn social profiles of our Veterans as they make their civilian transition from service. (MJT) was conceived almost five years ago to provide social business skills training for transitioning Veterans and their dependents. Significant bureaucracy in Washington, DC impeded the adoption of the idea as part of the TAP (Transition Assistance Program) and a decision was made to focus on a corporate solution as a vehicle to someday be able to get back to the original idea, passion and motivation.

We are excited to offer all transitioning Veterans a gratis LinkedIn profile review leveraging our LinkedIn Optimization Scorecard. To receive an evaluation of your LinkedIn profile with actionable recommendations for improvement based on industry best practices, please send a LinkedIn connection request to me and then simply email your LinkedIn URL to

We expect to be able to deliver a fixed number of scorecards per week, so if the volume scales quickly, we are going to work to partner with other Veteran transition organizations to scale the fulfillment of the service. We appreciate your patience as we work to influence the onramp to the civilian job market for transitioning Veterans.

Thank you to all those who have served and are serving our country. Let's work together to level the playing field!