3 B2B Social Business Trends

Social media is now mainstream and integral to business success. Leaders, managers, and employees from forward-looking B2B organizations who have experienced their Social Moment will evidence success through the following actions.

The Social Moment:  The moment when an organization realizes that social business is mainstream and integral to its future success. - Rachel Mezzatesta, CEO, Socially Savvy

1. CEOs lead from the front. CEOs who led organizations out of the bad economy and into the thriving business climate of today will continue to accelerate the digital agenda and incorporate social media into their communication cadence to influence outcomes. Setting the example with their social identity, footprint, and activity on platforms like LinkedIn is a beginning. CEOs who influence brand awareness, acquisition branding and loyalty branding through effective online communications will drive measurable, business results.

2. Training permeates the enterprise. As leaders set the tone and establish a formal culture that embraces social communication, employees across the organization will follow suit. Responsibility for formal, standards-based, best-practices training will drive collaboration between the marketing, sales and learning & development/HR teams. Leading organizations will begin to tie and align employee incentives and compensation to expectations for creating original content.

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3. Social communications go mainstream. As training permeates the enterprise, social business will become a utilized means of communication just like in-person, email, messaging, and phone. The ability of the B2B organization to interact with its customers will require the customer journey and personas to be revisited more frequently to ensure results. As social business organizations learn the science of social, the ability to differentiate with the art and uniqueness of an enterprise will be affected.

The social media communication competency is an important core organizational skill that needs to be mastered.