2016 Prediction: The Employee Social Moment

2016 beckons to be the year that social business finds stride. For this to occur, individual employees will need to embrace the importance of social business as a key component of their personal brand and communication strategy.

The Employee Social Moment: 

The moment when an employee realizes that social business is mainstream and integral to his or her future professional success.

To build one's social business brand, individuals will need to focus on two core areas, namely:

  • The Science of Social 

  • The Art of Social 

The Science of Social involves the mechanics and activities to establish your social identity, build and grow your network, cultivate influence and begin your content creation journey. Each of us needs to develop our own discipline and cadence around social business. In most cases, for the Science of Social to become habitual, it will require between 3 and 9 months to develop your personal brand identity. It is helpful to develop a routine and approach that is grounded in tools like a content calendar and a social to do list.

The Art of Social is the way in which you convey your social voice and style making you unique -  it is the development of your social personality and persona. The level of privacy (degree to which you share), sincerity, writing style and tone are the form and fabric of your style. At the core of everyone's Art of Social must be two common traits to be successful - transparency and honesty. And, your personal style will change over time as your interests, passions and comfort level with social flourish and evolve.

Take Aways

Be authentic and yourself on social media. It is important that people see the real you, because they will anyway. 

Begin to write and experiment across different social channels.People are still forgiving of social faux pas and there is still time to learn to get it right.

Have fun with social media and social business. You are building and enhancing your individual brand and your ability to influence and advocate for things in which you believe.