Social Business & Personal Brand Building Program

Employing a social media curriculum in schools provides today’s students with a differentiator. Shaping social media communication skill sets and digital citizenship is a “must do” priority.

Social media education in school districts achieves three core outcomes, namely:

1. Improved student college and career readiness,

2. Enhanced student employability and professional skills, and

3. Professional development for teachers, staff and administrators.

Note: Socially Savvy’s program directly influences the accuracy and efficiency of state CTE annual reporting.

Socially Savvy's social business and personal brand building program includes a:

  • Social business and personal brand building curriculum

  • Social business and personal brand building workbook

  • LinkedIn and Twitter scorecard answer keys

  • Pre and post tests (for each of the 5 modules)

  • Online video course, and

  • A train-to-teach, professional development in-person and/or online workshop(s)

Below are thank you notes from students, featured academic partnerships, and an introductory video.

If interested in further discussing or conducting a demo of the social business and personal brand building program, please contact Mark Hewitt at either or by phone at 617.448.4255.