Social Business & Personal Brand Building Program

Socially Savvy understands that today‚Äôs parochial secondary schools face a number of serious challenges, including: 

  • The waiting lists for admission from years past have diminished or disappeared.

  • The cost of delivering a high quality, faith-based education has grown dramatically.

  • There is a widening gap between revenues and costs and limited advancement resources to bridge it.

Social media education in parochial secondary schools achieves three core outcomes, namely:

  1. Improved student college and career readiness,

  2. Enhanced student soft skills and employability, and

  3. Professional development for faculty, administrators and the advancement team.

Socially Savvy's social business and personal brand building program includes a:

  • Social business and personal brand building curriculum

  • Social business and personal brand building workbook

  • LinkedIn and Twitter scorecard answer keys

  • Pre and post tests (for each of the 5 modules)

  • Online video course

  • Presentation deck, and

  • a Professional development in-person and/or online workshop(s)

Below are thank you notes from students, a regional high school's case study, featured 2018 academic partnerships, and an introductory video.

If interested in conducting a demo of the social business and personal brand building program, please contact Mark Hewitt at either or by phone at 617.448.4255.