Employability & Professional Skills for the 21st Century

Employing a social media curriculum in schools provides today’s students with a differentiator. Shaping social media communication skill sets and digital citizenship is a “must do” priority.

Social media education in school districts achieves three core outcomes, namely:

1. Improved student college and career readiness,

2. Enhanced student employability and professional skills, and

3. Professional development for teachers, staff and administrators.


Featured Academic Partnerships


Socially Savvy worked with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to pilot our social business and personal brand building program during the 2017/18 academic year with the CTE program. We delivered our train-to-teach program with personnel from the headquarters office in 2017 and The English High School (EHS) - America's Oldest Public High School - in Q12018.

During the 2018/19 school year, we are collaborating with BPS to roll out the social business and personal brand building program across CTE programs at 6 district high schools.


Socially Savvy worked with the CTE Director and business and entrepreneurship teachers at Portsmouth High School to influence student career and college readiness. The program started with a professional development which provided a train-to-teach opportunity. The program has since been adopted as part of the annual business curriculum to teach students social communication skills and personal branding and to influence employability results.

"Today, responsible and professional use of social media is integral to success. Our partnership with Socially Savvy improves the employability and soft skills provided through our CTE programs and enables our students to better compete in today's connected economy."

Diane Canada, Director, Career Technical Education, Portsmouth High School

Socially Savvy worked closely with PACE Career Academy to both train-to-teach its instructors and deliver classroom instruction to students. The students taught represent a variety of career interests including early childhood care, robotics/engineering, construction, nursing, vet tech, and commercial diving, among others. The social business and personal brand building curriculum focused on the needed employability and soft skills required to compete in today's connected economy.

“Socially Savvy is a modern educational partner that leans in to make its social media and personal brand building program actionable for students. The team trained our teachers and rolled up their sleeves and led classes directly with our students. Socially Savvy walks the walk and is a passionate team of people that relates well with students. All that, and they are fun to work with.”

-Jorge Santana, Executive Director at PACE Career Academy


Socially Savvy delivered our social business and personal brand building train-to-teach program with the technical center's CTE instructors. The program will be leveraged to assist students embrace digital citizenship best practices and professionally represent their individual brands to influence employability.

"Socially Savvy leaned in to support the accounting and machine tool programming instructors at the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. The social business and personal brand building program increases our students' likelihood of attaining meaningful employment or continuing their education after graduation and enables students to represent themselves in the best possible way they can in digital channels. This will provide them with a competitive advantage when seeking employment or applying to post-secondary education."

-Joel Schneid, CTE Director, Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center


Socially Savvy delivered its social business and personal brand building program as part of the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOL COE) /United State Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA)’s transition pilot curriculum. The pilot goal was to familiarize senior non-commissioned officers with the progressive employment and educational benefits and opportunities available for service members and their families transitioning into a new life and the civilian workforce. Socially Savvy's component focused on assisting veterans transitioning into the connected economy to influence employability and soft skills.

Below are additional recent academic partners:

The academic social business and personal brand building program includes a:

  • Social business and personal brand building curriculum

  • Social business and personal brand building workbook

  • LinkedIn and Twitter scorecard answer keys

  • Pre and post tests (for each of the 5 modules)

  • Online video course, and

  • A train-to-teach, professional development in-person and/or online workshop(s)

If interested in seeing a demo and learning more about the social business and personal brand building program, please contact Mark Hewitt at either mark@sociallysavvy.com or by phone at 617.448.4255.