Our Passion Story

Socially Savvy started as MilitaryJobTransition.com fueled by a passion to help Veterans and their families transitioning out of service and into the connected economy at a time when the unemployment rate for service members was five times the national average.

Our work with the military community continues with many Veterans and their dependents making successful transitions and securing employment.

"Mark helped guide me towards my 'Social Moment'. My first job after graduate school and the military was a Business Development role in Defense that required significant international travel. When looking for a new role in tech that allowed me to spend more time with my wife and kids, Mark turned the relationship key that led me to my current role which I greatly enjoy at Quickbase." Neil Forbes

Our Product Research and Development Story

Through continued market research and product development, Socially Savvy learned several key lessons. For example, benchmarking organizations in aggregate is not as effective or valuable as making the results tangible and actionable for individuals being trained.

We also learned that the knowledge and skills gained during in-person sessions attrited over time and self-paced online retraining and re-enforcement training are needed. The finding about the perishability of skills also led to the development of an alerting solution to influence the successful and continuing adoption of the social media and business communication behaviors as habit.

  • Insight 1: Organizations and individuals are not ready to engage in social media until they experience their Social Moment: The moment when they realize that social media is mainstream and integral to their future success.
  • Insight 2: Social media marketing technology should only be leveraged when the organization has effected a cultural shift and personnel adoption dictates a need for acceleration.

Our University Story

The initial mission led to broader outreach through LinkedIn relationships to influence offline communications and meetings focused on understanding the government and corporate demand for social media and business communications skills. Our affiliation with the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation led Socially Savvy to develop a curriculum to formalize, "the science of social" and our training for organizations and individuals.

We were introduced to universities and explored the relevance of a formal social business curriculum for college and graduate students. The key take away was that the student audience is active in social media, but they do not understand the importance of personal brand building and being their own best brand steward.

Our Expanding Education Story

In 2015, we had our "eureka moment" while working on growing our education network (left picture was taken at that moment). We realized that we needed to get ahead of the problem and look to education at the secondary school level or earlier to effect real change. We are now working with districts like Boston Public Schools and Portsmouth School District to train-to-teach a social business and personal brand building curriculum to students. The training also serves as a professional development for the administrators, teachers and staff.

Our Corporate Story

Taking our train-to-teach program and evolving the assets to apply to corporations as a train-the-trainer solution has allowed us to ground our program in assessments and measurable results. We continue to focus on helping employees, executives and corporations evolve their internal skill sets and develop their own "art" to the "science" of social to help tell and create awareness and understanding of their story.

Insight 3: Social business needs to be owned and evolved internally. Corporate clients require a train-the-trainer program and educational institutions need a train-to-teach solution.

The Story Continues...

The path we have taken at Socially Savvy has led to truly collaborative relationships with our academic, corporate and government clients. We continue to learn about education and career pathways, ways to provide blended learning experiences that resonate with our audiences and how to conduct business in the sunlight – with open communication, transparency and trust.

Our online course is now available and we continue to evolve our solutions to remain current with the change occurring across the social media and the business communication landscape.